Threat Prevention – Network

Network Perimeter DNS Security


Hunt, Prevent, Detect and Respond to any Network and IoT threat. Heimdal™ Threat Prevention – Network allows you to confidently own your BYOD governance and secure all your users’ devices.



Prevent Tomorrow’s Threats Today.

Not just on your endpoints, but on any other devices.

Complete Device Coverage

Regain your peace of mind with a complete solution that spans across your business ecosystem. Protect and maintain BYODs, IoTs, and every other equipment linked to your company’s network.

Top-level Network Logging

Stay on top of your network traffic activity with Threat Prevention-Network’s logging tool. See what everyone is up to and prevent attacks before they land on your endpoints.

Threat-Hunting Made Easy

Threat Prevention – Network can be set up in seconds, with no additional software installation required. Say goodbye to hard-to-deploy threat-hunting solutions, with limited results and zero upscaling factor.


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

Unleash comprehensive threat hunting capabilities.

Leverage a Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), augmented by a highly intelligent threat detection technology powered by AI.

Empowering comprehensive detection and response

HEIMDAL™ Threat Prevention – Network empowers you to move beyond file-based detection and block attacks that traditional Antiviruses will never recognize.

Impeccable detection & predication rates

Hunt, prevent, detect and respond to endpoint, network, and IoT threats with a 96% accuracy in detecting and predicting future attacks.

Empower Any

Antivirus Software

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention – Network adds to any Antivirus, Firewall, IDS, or IPS and can be combined with more Heimdal™ products to deliver an authentic Endpoint Prevention, Detection, and Response (EPDR) stance. One agent, one platform.

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Securing Global 

Industry Leaders

With a unique approach to cybersecurity, through a platform that constantly adapts and evolves by tracking movements of IT criminals and building incremental intelligence, Heimdal™ secures the future of some of the world’s leading organizations, empowering them to focus on what they do best – their businesses.

Protected Businesses

Patches Applied

Attacks Prevented

Unified Prevention,

Detection and Remediation.

Secure your workforce against any threat, anywhere, anytime.