Email Fraud Prevention

Prevent Business Email Compromise and fraud attempts


125 vectors of analysis coupled with live threat intelligence allows you to identify and stop Business Email Compromise, CEO Fraud, phishing and complex malware before compromise.



Prevent Tomorrow’s Threats Today.

In real-time, all the time.

Fight back against e-fraud

Heimdal™ Fraud Prevention takes the fight to the hackers. Regain your piece of mind by protecting your email accounts against Business Email Compromise and Vendor Email Compromise attacks.

Advanced email scanning technology

Using 125 vectors of analysis to safeguard your email accounts and business assets. No more surprises waiting for you in the inboxes.

Multi-language support

Hackers will attempt to get around your defenses by various means, including language changes. Fraud Prevention by Heimdal™ supports multiple languages, increasing the detection accuracy for email alteration.


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

Increase ROI, Decrease BEC chances

Directly reduce monetary loss as a result of fraudulent invoices. Reduce mail fraud as a result of CEO imposters and negative brand impact.


Machine Meets Human Expertise

Combining automatic scanning for email account compromise and fraud detection with human expertise, Heimdal™ Fraud Prevention can identify and stop attacks before they cause your business any damage.

Rethink and challenge everything you know about threat-hunting

Avoid needing to complicate all procedures endlessly for verbal and written double-checks with all people involved. You can never be too careful, but you can’t turn all operations into bureaucratic nightmares, drowned in additional signoffs, checking and re-checking of all variables..

Empower Any

Security Software

Heimdal™ Email Fraud Prevention is an advanced email fraud prevention solution focusing on email alterations and potentially malicious email alterations with external invoice approval support through dedicated API for increased protection against CEO fraud, Business Email Compromise, phishing, and advanced malware.

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Securing Global 

Industry Leaders

With a unique approach to cybersecurity, through a platform that constantly adapts and evolves by tracking movements of IT criminals and building incremental intelligence, Heimdal™ secures the future of some of the world’s leading organizations, empowering them to focus on what they do best – their businesses.

Protected Businesses

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Attacks Prevented

Unified Prevention,

Detection and Remediation.

Secure your workforce against any threat, anywhere, anytime.