Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus

4-Layer Endpoint Antivirus with MDM and Extended Firewall Features


One license and one console – Next-Gen Antivirus and MDM all unified for impeccable detection of sophisticated online threats such as ransomware, hidden backdoors, rootkits, brute-force attacks and undetectable malware.



Impeccable Threat Detection.

Signature, Cloud and Behavioral Scanning.

Multiple layers of detection

Four layers of impeccable detection powered by Heimdal™ Security’s unique intelligence to detect and mitigate even the most complex threats.

Enhanced Brute-Force Protection

Brute-force attacks have gone up by 400% during the pandemic. Heimdal™’s Next-Gen Antivirus has unique anti-brute-force safeguards, specially designed to protect you against data leaks.

Remote device control with MDM

Remotely track and manage your Android devices, with easily accessible Locate, Lock and Wipe capabilities from the Heimdal MDM console


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

Multi-stage scanning

Stage 1 – Heimdal™’ s endpoint antivirus compares the suspicious file against a locally stored database. Stage 2 involves Threat Cloud scanning, a high-speed process backed up by Machine-Learning algorithms.

 Stages three and four call for hidden backdoor scanning, listening in for malicious Command & Control connections and executing files deemed suspicious in Heimdal™’s bulletproof sandbox environment. Our poke & prod approach with a 100% detection rate.

Manage your Mobile Device Fleet on the run

Next-Gen Antivirus comes with powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) features that empower you to supervise your mobile device fleet from anywhere in the world and from any Windows-compatible machine. Remote-wipe or lock all stolen devices and accurately pinpoint the location of your misplaced smartphones. No more misplaced assets.

From Antivirus to E-PDR

Step into a new era of endpoint detection and prevention: NGAV and E-PDR.

Empower Any

Security Software

Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus and MDM and can be combined with more Heimdal™ products to deliver an authentic Endpoint Prevention, Detection, and Response (EDR) stance. One agent, one platform.


Heimdal™ Termékportfólió

DNS Filtering


Next-Gen Antivirus


Ransomware Encryption Protection


Vulnerability Management


Email Security


Email Fraud Prevention


Privilege Access Management


Application Control


Remote Desktop Control


Securing Global 

Industry Leaders

With a unique approach to cybersecurity, through a platform that constantly adapts and evolves by tracking movements of IT criminals and building incremental intelligence, Heimdal™ secures the future of some of the world’s leading organizations, empowering them to focus on what they do best – their businesses.

Protected Businesses

Patches Applied

Attacks Prevented

Unified Prevention,

Detection and Remediation.

Secure your workforce against any threat, anywhere, anytime.