Ransomware Encryption Protection

Anti-ransomware encryption solution


Ransomware Encryption Protection is a revolutionary 100% signature-free solution, that protects your devices against malicious encryption attempts initiated during ransomware attacks.



Prevent Tomorrow’s Threats Today.

In real-time, all the time.

Complete Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Encryption Protection is the best first-line defense against total data loss and exfiltration. Take control and be one step ahead hackers, adapt to counter any type of ransomware attack.

Compatible with any antivirus solution

REP is universally compatible with any antivirus, offering your network enhanced detection capabilities, and the means to deal with even the most sophisticated attack.

Reporting & incident report

Reporting made easy. Use Heimdal™ dashboard to review the full details of a malicious encryption incident


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

Reducing the detection gap

Heimdal™ Security’s anti-ransomware software has the lowest false-positive rate in the market on account of our Intelligence, which allows us to study malicious behavior in a safe environment.


Retracing ransomware attacks

Become a hunter or investigator with REP. Review incident details such as timestamps, tree diagrams with process callbacks, PowerShell scrips, computed MD5 hash, enumeration of read or write operation performed during encryption attempts, command-line arguments, the signature of malicious process, owner, and many more.

Efficient against Unknown Threats

REP’s impeccable Threat Intelligence makes it deadly effective even against unknown or unclassified ransomware. No file dependency means that the solution can quickly work out the threat and eliminate it before it has a chance to start encrypting your files.

Empower Any

Security Software

Heimdal™ Ransomware Encryption Protection extends the functionality of the traditional antivirus, becoming a solution capable of preventing and protecting your endpoints against any type of ransomware attack. One agent, one platform.


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Ransomware Encryption Protection


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Securing Global 

Industry Leaders

With a unique approach to cybersecurity, through a platform that constantly adapts and evolves by tracking movements of IT criminals and building incremental intelligence, Heimdal™ secures the future of some of the world’s leading organizations, empowering them to focus on what they do best – their businesses.

Protected Businesses

Patches Applied

Attacks Prevented

Unified Prevention,

Detection and Remediation.

Secure your workforce against any threat, anywhere, anytime.